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What is the single most important element of your radio station?

The single most important part of your radio station is music -- that’s why listeners tune in. When your music is right, your TSL will increase, which drives ratings and revenue. When your music is wrong, you place your entire ability to generate revenue in peril.

What benefits does Perfect Logs provide to your advertisers?

At Perfect Logs, we generate a perfect playlist to optimize your station’s time spent listening. In rated markets, that means bigger shares, which allows you to drive rates. In non-rated markets, it’s about getting results for your customers. Results for your clients will improve when your audience is optimized and spends more time with the station. This means they will hear your client’s advertising with greater frequency, and that will improve the results of your clients’ advertising. You will be able to sell more and retain more advertisers!

What is perfect music?

Perfect music means music libraries that are right and tight. Perfect music means perfect scheduling with perfect spreads of artists, sound types, genders, eras, and tempos. This is accomplished through proper coding and optimized rule settings in the scheduling software. At Perfect Logs, we are famous for music scheduling.

Who is Perfect Logs?

Keith Hill, The World’s Leading Authority On Music Scheduling, will set up and schedule your music.

Keith has worked with every major software vendor to help them improve their products. Keith has set up over 2000 music databases for radio stations, XM, Sirius, Worldspace, MTV, Galaxy, CBC, DMX, in flight entertainment, Internet broadcasters, and more.

How can my radio station benefit from using Perfect Logs?

As a General Manager in today’s tough economy, you have to rely on the few employees you have to do air work, production, remotes, street level marketing, administration, web updates and more. As a result, your station’s music scheduling will be rushed and poorly managed.

Free up your staff’s time and outsource your music scheduling. Why not get your logs from the best resource on the planet? World class music scheduling is available now for a modest and reasonable cost.

Think of it as perfect music, even better than you have now and for a small investment. At the same time you free up your staff to do what they do best. 

Does Perfect Logs accept barter?

Yes, you have the option of using barter or cash to pay for your Perfect Logs. Just ask us about barter, and we will calculate for you the number of spots you will need to clear in order to begin to receive Perfect Logs. We make it easy for you to save time and money while improving the most important element of your station -- music!

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